Coordinating a triennial plan of action for the West-Central Montreal CIUSSS


The Centre of Excellence on Longevity lends its support to the West-Central Montreal CIUSSS for the implementation of Phase 2 of the Ministerial initiative for Alzheimer’s disease and other major neurocognitive disorders. Beyond its advisory role, the Centre initiates and supports the deployment of innovative new measures. By putting the elderly patient front and centre in the care scheme, the Centre of Excellence on Longevity’s proposed strategy allows for the proper adaptation of care models for chronic diseases to the realities of elderly patients with cognitive disorders and their caregivers, and hereby to allow them access to a more complete approach, tailor-made for each elderly patient and coordinated between the stakeholders of every level which are involved in his or her care pathway.


  • To guide and support CIUSSS administrators during the initial steps of the Alzheimer’s initiative, as well as to coordination between various clinical entities
  • To guide primary care clinicians in giving the right tools, training and support to the different stakeholders who will be involved with the care of elderly patients and their caregivers


Drafting of the report on the state of affairs relative to the implementation of Phase 2 at the West-Central Montreal CIUSSS

Creation of interdisciplinary, GMF-approved training content

Supplying training and support to the new Alzheimer’s territorial resource

Implementation of a follow-up strategy for activity markers as they may appear in electronic healthcare records within GMFs

Implementation of an integration pilot project by one of the GMF pharmacists involved in the interdisciplinary clinical process


Directorate of the CIUSSS

Directorate of Rehabilitation

Directorate of Nursing

Directorate of First Line Integrated Services

Directorate of Support for Elderly Autonomy Program

Coordinating Table of Primary Health and Professional Services

Local Coordinating Table of Pharmacists