Improvement of care pathways for elderly patients and family caregivers in Montreal


The improvement of care pathways for elderly patients and their family caregivers is a major issue for the healthcare system, and also one of the two primary axes of the Ministry’s initiative on Alzheimer’s disease and other major neurocognitive disorders. The experience acquired throughout this initiative has allowed the Centre of Excellence on Longevity to become a heavily solicited player and the cornerstone of many cross-institution projects across Montreal.

By participating in these activities with network clinicians, through regular communitylevel meetings, the Centre of Excellence on Longevity of the McGill RUIS allows various players to better understand the medical and social needs presented by the members of this population, and therefore to better care for them. Some tools still remain to be put in place to offer a common language between partners, allowing them to coordinate these functional care pathways and pertinently attend to elderly patients and their caregivers.


  • To improve communication, and care and service access mechanisms for elderly patients, through more efficient collaboration between the various stakeholders involved in their care
  • To propose better observation, prevention, screening and support tools for elderly patients and their family caregivers


Creation of the caregivers support Committee of the CIUSSS West Montreal.

Deployment of a caregiver support program for family caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients (ACCEPT) to the entirety of the Island of Montreal.


Akinox Solutions Inc.

Alzheimer Group Inc. (AGI)

APPUI Montreal

Cummings Centre

Evasion Centre

Centre for Research and Expertise in Social Gerontology (CREGES), McGill University

CIUSSSs West-Central Montreal

CIUSSSs West Montreal

Direction régionale de santé publique for Montreal

Services d’accompagnement et de répit aux personnes âgées à domicile (SARPAD)

Alzheimer Society of the Island of Montreal