MEDTEQ: Aging in place


From the age of 75 on, over 70 % of elderly persons will present a disability which will limit the accomplishment of daily activities. Even with these disabilities, elderly persons wish to remain at home for as long as possible and this objective of aging at home is one of the provincial and federal governments’ greatest priorities. In this context, it is critical to conceive of innovative solutions which will empower elderly persons to age in the place of their choosing. To this end, in a human and financial resource-scarcity context, technology is an essential supporting facet of the public healthcare system and of all its ecosystems.


  • To identify what may facilitate and hinder functional autonomy
  • To identify what technologies already exist and how to develop/adapt/integrate them in a way to reduce or eliminate hindrances to functional autonomy
  • To identify the expectations of all stakeholders, relative to how technology may optimize functional autonomy
  • To verify the acceptability of technology with all involved stakeholders


This pilot, design research-action pilot study will be mixed (qualitative and quantitative). Focused discussion groups will take place, involving Foundation administrators and Care home stakeholders. Individual interviews to take place with 65 elderly persons and their relatives. Existing technologies to be deployed at these elderly residents’ homes. Preliminary effectiveness measurements, taken before, during and after the installation of said technologies, will focus upon improvement of autonomy, use and satisfaction with these technological means. The cost of these systems will also be evaluated, as well as their retail potential.


Centre de recherche de l’Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal (CRIUGM) Centre francophone d’informatisation des organisations (CEFRIO)

Berthiaume-Du-Tremblay Foundation

Luc Maurice Foundation

Domus Laboratory, Université de Sherbrooke

McGill University, CIUSSS West-Central Montreal

HEC Montréal

Université du Québec à Chicoutimi